Argumentative Essays

Argumentative papers are often assigned to strengthen the quality and depth of your thinking, the formation of skills that will allow you to do research/project activities, and development of skills and abilities of a clear and reasonable presentation of your position. If it is difficult for you to imagine how to write a good argument paper, i.e. one that will surely impress the reader and deserve a high score no matter what school in the USA you go to, then let's start with what this type of paper is all about:

  • This is a text in which you will need to express your opinion on the stated issue.
  • This is a text in which you will need to support your opinion with facts/arguments.
  • This is a text in which you will also have to provide the opposite of your point of view.

Now you see that there are specific requirements for writing an argumentative essay. Let’s dive in a little deeper into the structure of this type of essay.
  • With the introductory paragraph, you give the appropriate information to highlight your position. Here you can give brief definitions of key terms. However, try to minimize the number of definitions (say 3-4).
  • You also must provide the reader with brief background information. In the introduction, you set forth those basic thoughts that help to understand your point of view.
  • You should end with a basic thesis in which you will include you position and the reasons for your position on this issue

Arguments supporting your position
  • All the facts provided in this part should strengthen your position. This is the core of your essay. As a rule, here you start with a general statement, which is then supported by important details and vivid examples. Depending on the length of your arguments, in this part there will be one or two paragraphs in which the reasons for your position and the evidence for them should be clearly stated.

Arguments against your position
  • Opposing arguments suggests that you have carefully studied this topic and became familiar with various points of view. The availability of information of this type will make your work only stronger! As a rule, this paragraph is written just before the conclusion.

  • In conclusion, the essay should come to a logical end. Try to show the reader the problem in a wider context. Also, you need to restate your thesis (just in other words). This is very important.

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Now that you are more familiar with the structure of the argumentative paper, here are our step-by-step recommendations for writing a really strong work: Read the topic very carefully or choose your own If you have been given a specific topic, then please read it very carefully in order to understand as precisely as possible what you need to write about. If you can choose any topic to your liking, then choose one that is really interesting for you, choose a topic that really captivates you. When the essay does not show the enthusiasm of the author, then it is boring to read. If even you are not interested in this topic, then how can you interest the reader? Think over the for and against arguments of your topic and choose a side After you have chosen a topic that seems appropriate to you, it's time to jot down a list of for and against arguments. Each question has two sides, i.e. now you just have to decide whether you are for or against. In your work, you will need to highlight the arguments of both sides, but do not forget that when reading the essay, it should be clear which side you support.
In an argumentative essay, you also have to touch on the point of view of your opponents. Make sure your arguments are strong enough to defeat the arguments of opponents. When you skillfully explain why the arguments in favor of your point of view are wiser than arguments, on the other hand, your position becomes even more convincing. Prepare the facts The argumentative research paper will be no good if there are no facts. After all, the point is to strengthen the arguments in favor of your position with the help of facts. Thus, in order for your arguments to sound convincing, you need to support them with reasonable and proven facts. Without them, your work will look ill-conceived and unfinished. Journal articles, lectures, textbooks, or similar sources of verified information can be good material for facts in your argumentative essay. Write After you have prepared all the materials for writing the paper, sit down and write. The argumentative essay, like other types of essays, consists of 3 parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. The length of each of these three parts depends on the length of the entire essay. Revise Always leave time for editing. Look, is there a grammatical or spelling error somewhere, or maybe the course of the narration is not smooth everywhere? Do you have facts and examples that support the main argument? Make sure once again that you understand the topic correctly and do not move away from it. Sometimes, when one thought flows from another, one may overlook this and deviate from the stated topic.

Finally, keep in mind these points when writing your essay:
  • Do not invent the facts. Fictional statistics and facts will not deceive the readers. Do not try to come up with any information just because you lack in-depth knowledge of the topic.
  • Don't be too emotional. The argumentative essay is not a diary page, not a review of a film or a personal letter, it is not about your feelings!
  • The quality of any essay (essay) depends on three components: the source material (notes from reading literature, lectures, recording the results of discussions, your own thoughts and accumulated experience on this problem), the quality of its processing and relevancy (how accurate it relates to the issues raised in your essay).
  • Limit yourself to a single main idea within one paragraph.
  • Always give reference to the source you quote in your text (even if you paraphrase it), otherwise, the text will be considered plagiarism.
Remember that you can always turn for help, be it your instructor, a tutor or other experienced and professional writers. They are all here to empower you and help you learn valuable skills through this written work.
Argumentative Research Paper